Industrial construction is a specific and specialized construction niche that deals mostly with the construction of warehouses, power plants, factories, and other specialized facilities. These places are intended for purposes related to manufacturing, assembling, packing, storing, and related activities. In simple words, industrial units are working places than selling units. We Delta Contracting are a reputed industrial construction company to construct intelligent workplaces with innovative technologies. The company team has a proven track record in the delivery of projects within the following sectors:

  • Precast Concrete Factories
  • Electronics Factories
  • Generators Factories
  • Building Materials
  • Concrete Stations
  • Cars and Buses
  • Oil & Gas
  • Cranes

Great for you

Delta Contracting has been constructing large-scale complex industrial projects since 2003 and has successfully delivered projects for major clients. By leveraging on the extensive capacity of the company subsidiaries includes Delta AMA and Emiko for Engineering Equipment, Delta Contracting capabilities range from heavy industry and waste disposal to environmental plants and utilities.

We take care of all of your industrial construction needs with high-end commitment and professionalism. Industrial construction is not just making some shapes with bricks. It includes the design, installation, and maintenance of structural and mechanical components. Delta Contracting is highly specialized to handle complete ranges of work related to industrial construction.

The use of the right technology is industrial construction add speed and safety to the works. At Delta Contracting, we make use of innovative technologies to accelerate the construction process with the utmost perfection. We are well aware of the safety of industrial places, and hence, make use of high-quality construction materials to assure safety for everyone at every step.

Whether ‘design and build’ or construction only, Delta Contracting has the ability to execute every project safely and efficiently, meeting all project milestones as required. By combining lessons learned from previous projects with a track record of regional experience, Delta Contracting offers its clients an exceptional integrated solution capable of meeting all their industrial needs.

Highlighted Projects

Helwan Cement Integrated Plant Project

Naturub Accessories Factory – Egypt (Pvt)Ltd

Asia Gate Factory

Canal Sugar Face

Suez Canal Tunnels Segment Factory

New Damietta Electric Planet

Abu Sultan Power Station