Asia Gate Factory is a new factory located in Ismailia free zone area, specialized for Paper cups and Forest Products manufactured designed for those who appreciate modern solutions, high quality and ecology. With highest quality disposable paper cups, antibacterial cups and biodegradable cups. offering both ready-made paper cups, ideal for hot drink machines or necessary for water dispensers, as well as personalized products.

The factory has 3,614 m2, with an admin building of two floors.

Constructed in two phases consisting of  building a warehouse and admin building with 861 m2 , factory fence , and to supply all adequate and competent labour, supervision, tools and, equipment, installed and consumable materials, services, testing devices, and each and every item of expense necessary for design, engineering;  supply; fabrication; field erection; application; hauling; receiving; handling & unloading; field installation; construction; warehousing; lay down areas; assembly; testing; evaluation; quality assurance; fitting of material.


Industrial – Manufacturing / Factory


Ismailia Free Zone – Ismailia – Egypt


Asia Gate


Delta Contracting

Project duration

2022- on Going

Project values