From creating new buildings and communities to enhancing public space, to engineering energy, transportation, and utility systems, our vision is to make Egypt a better place.

With design-build projects, Delta Contracting’s, serving as the sole contractor, provides the client with a single contract for all design and construction services. This assures a unified flow of work from the project’s initial concept to its completion.

Delta Contracting’s offers comprehensive design and build solutions in the Industrial, Building and Infrastructure; Instead of several contractors, along with our subsidiaries Emiko for engineering and equipment co. and Delta AMA co.  We combine architecture and construction teams into a single entity to deliver the best results. Our experts and engineers use effective design and build strategy to the final construction which prevents costly problems from arising during construction, enable operations to run smoothly, meet regulations, oversee budgets, monitor schedules, and deliver high-quality projects to our customers in the private and public sectors.

Great for you

Delta Contracting’s design spaces are the design and fit-out business of Delta Contracting’s. Our team is made up of talented designers and architects with a distinctive international style and extensive industry know-how, whose goal is to create elegant and functional spaces whilst meeting the expectations of the clients in terms of budget. The team is supported by knowledgeable engineers with strong problem-solving skills to maintain superior levels of accuracy and quality throughout the fit-out stage.

We collaborate with international and selected local manufacturers and suppliers to use the finest materials and provide the best details and solutions, using recyclable and low-emission materials to reduce our impact on the environment.

In our portfolio, we have a wide range of projects, including Industrial, buildings, and infrastructure across Egypt and abroad.