Port Said Tunnels


Two tunnels for cars, the first tunnel from Port Said to Sinai and the other is vice versa. The project objective is to link between Sinai, East of the Suez Canal and Delta. Besides, it facilitates the movement of the passengers and goods from Sinai and having the inspired development for this region in parallel with the development of Sinai and Canal region.

New crossing under the Canal is designed to allow the passage of all types of buses, cars, lorries and articulated trucks. Also, the Design must satisfy the relevant international specifications for the alignment, design, safety and operation.

The design and environmental studies for the tunnels under Suez Canal was carried out in collaboration with Paymacotas. Consultancy services for the construction of two road tunnels with a total length of approximately 4 Km and the assessment of the feasibility of a third tunnel for railway under the Suez Canal were optimized in location to satisfy the development needs of the Suez Canal corridor.

Scope of work

Engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning of two twin car tunnels passing under Suez Canal – Port Said  with approximate:

  • Length of 4.9 Km/each
  • Internal diameter of 11.40 m.
  • External diameter of 12.60 m.
  • Tunnel Slope: 3%
  • Deepest point: 53 m from sea level
  • Execution method: TBM and open cut methods
  • Machine type: Mix shield
  • Machine Shield diameter: 13,020 mm
  • Machine Drive power: 3,500 kW
  • Geology: Sand, clay
  • The total excavation quantities are about 1.5 million m3.
  • Total of soil properties improvement amounts in the mobilization area, entrances and exits of the tunnel east and west of the canal 2.9million m3.
  • Total precast concrete for the segments padded the body of the tunnel 140.000m3.
  • Total concrete for the diaphragm walls, entries and exits of the tunnel 365.000m3.
  • Total of iron quantities 110.000 tons.


Transport – Tunneling


Port Said – Egypt


Petrojet Co.


CDM Smith Consulting

Project duration

2019 – 2020

Project values