Ismailia Tunnels


The project is composed of a twin car road tunnel that is considered a national project, as it is expected to boost the Egyptian economic growth. The tunnels will cross the old and new Suez Canal, north of the city of Ismailia, connecting the Sinai Peninsula with the Nile Delta, serve as the lifeblood of the peninsula as they would facilitate the movement of people and goods, easing the lives of citizens in this region.

Scope of work

Engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning of two twin car tunnels passing under Suez Canal – Ismailia with approximate:

  • Length of 4 – 6 Km/each
  • 23 emergency exits
  • Internal diameter of 11.40 m.
  • External diameter of 12.60 m.
  • Tunnel Slope: 3%
  • Deepest point: 60 m from sea level
  • Execution method: TBM and open cut methods
  • Machine type:Mix shield
  • Machine Shield diameter: 13,020 mm
  • Machine Drive power: 3,500 kW
  • Geology: Sand, clay
  • Concrete Barriers 4 Km
  • new jersey barrier 7 Km
  • Side walk 4 Km
  • Slot Gutter 4 Km


Transport -Tunneling


Ismailia – Egypt


Armed Forces of Engineering Authority. and Technical Consulting Company (Petro jet


CDM Smith & ACE Moharram-Bakhoum

Project duration

2015 – 2020

Project values