Duplication of Martyr Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel


A crucial national project, that consists of a twin car tunnel that is meant to ease the passage from Suez to South of Sinai, to promote tourism and the development of the Sinai Peninsula.

The “Martyr Ahmed Hamdy 2” tunnel, which was completely drilled, comes as part of five tunnels project in the seaport city, within the framework of Egypt’s 2030 vision

Scope of work

Engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning of two twin car tunnels passing under Suez Canal – Suez with approximate:

  • Length: 4.5km
  • Internal diameter: 4 Meter
  • External diameter: 12.6 Meter
  • Concrete thickness: 60 Meter
  • Execution method: TBM and open cut method
  • Machine type:Mix shield
  • Machine Shield diameter: 13,020 mm
  • Machine Drive power: 3,500 kW
  • Geology: Stiff clay
  • Slot Gutter 4.5 Km
  • 12 Siphoid Rooms
  • 2 Km Concrete Barriers
  • 5 Concrete Station
  • Concrete Barriers


Transport – Tunneling


Suez City – Egypt


Petrojet Co.


CDM Smith Consulting

Project duration

2019 – 2021

Project values