The sustainability mission of Delta Contracting is to protect people and the environment, partner with communities and society, and promote economic development.

Our sustainability framework is based on the three pillars of sustainability, social, economic and environmental.

Delta Contracting company commitment to ‘Responsible Infrastructure’ has stood the test of time, with social commitment and environmental responsibility being an integral business goal.

We go beyond business, fulfilling our duty as a responsible corporate citizen. We consistently work towards improving the quality of life of the communities we serve, be it our organization, the industry as a whole, or society at large.

Since we execute some of the largest and most challenging projects in Egypt, we take it upon ourselves to adopt sustainable practices that serve the well-being of the community and environment- both in the immediate vicinity of its work operations and also beyond.

To this end, we take major actions for sustainability by:

  • Apply our proven processes, experience and innovation in engineering, environmental safety, security and health, procurement, construction, and operations to develop, design, and execute projects with care for the environment, as well as for the safety and well-being of the people and communities who can be affected by our projects.
  • Be supportive to the communities that host our projects and offices and use inclusive, participatory engagement by which local cultures and values are respected, dialogue is promoted and mutual trust is built.
  • Build and enhance the capacity of workers and businesses through local procurement and hiring and by stimulating long-term economic development beyond the projects we deliver.

While these efforts are influenced by local issues and project complexity, Delta Contracting s is committed to enhancing the positive effects of our projects and avoiding or mitigating the negative ones. This commitment is embodied in Delta Contracting Vision, Values, and Covenants; Environmental, Safety and Health Management System; and Code of Conduct. These, and other supporting policies and processes, are aimed at ensuring that Delta Contracting s is improving sustainability outcomes for all customers and stakeholders wherever we operate in the world.

This policy applies to all Delta Contracting s employees, projects, and facilities as below:

  • Preserving our heritage To preserve our heritage and develop a sustainable Egyptian economy. We commit to not only meeting, but exceeding targets for sharing to increase the Egyptian economy. We commit to sourcing products from local suppliers wherever feasible.
  • Projects: Identify and assess sustainability issues that can affect projects during development, design, construction and operation; identify and implement activities to manage these issues consistent with customer goals and requirements, Delta Contracting policies and standards, and relevant external guidelines.
  • Conservation: Implement activities that are economically and operationally practicable to protect the environment, including reducing energy use and air emissions, water and resource consumption, and waste generation.
  • Stakeholders: Engage with key stakeholders to build understanding and maintain trust; implement programs that improve the quality of life where we work or help address broader societal issues.

We will engage with the community where projects will be undertaken to raise awareness and identify ways to minimize any negative environmental impact. We aim to promote and improve road safety in the communities where we live and work, and actively engage with external and internal stakeholders on sustainability.

We will engage positively with projects and the local communities in which we work, both through specific project engagement and through company-wide initiatives.

  • Workplace: Create and maintain workplaces that promote Delta Contracting ethics, quality, and environmental, safety and health standards.
  • Employees Welfare: Treat all employees with respect and dignity and promote diversity in the workplace consistent with Delta Contracting Vision, Values, and Covenants.

We commit to maintaining exceptional levels of employee learning and development and safety. Further to this, we will ensure the emotional wellness of our employees though community activities and engagement.

  • Reducing waste We will practice ‘3R’ (reduce, recycle, reuse) strategy across all operations within the Group, and work towards turning our waste streams towards revenue streams.
  • Customer experience We will constantly strive to improve the customer experience, gathering feedback through surveys and comprehensive analysis to ensure exceptional customer service, in line with the Egyptian government’s vision of creating a happier society for all.
  • Innovation for a better future Encourage ideas and innovation, internally and with our supply chain that can create financial savings and benefit our customers, society and environment.
  • Fair opportunities for all We will actively encourage diversity and inclusion, and invest in our workforce by providing training and opportunity for professional development at all levels, with a strong focus on seeing women in leadership roles.
  • Continuous Improvement: Strengthen Delta Contracting sustainability through education, innovation, and the appropriate use of relevant industry standards and external guidelines.

Our Focus Areas

Sustainability Reporting

With every project Delta Contracting company  make sure and emphasize about “Responsible Infrastructure’ that reflects the continued progress .Delta Contracting s company has made towards fulfilling its sustainability goals of achieving water neutrality, minimizing construction waste, zero-reportable injuries for employee health and safety, and promoting the development of the communities the company operates in.

Water Saving

We at Delta Contracting Company understands the importance of Water conservation and hence endeavors for effective adoption of the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replenish) at all the projects we manage.

We will continue to identify innovative and cost-saving water initiatives such as water reducing devices to massively reduce our water consumption across all of our facilities and employee accommodation.

Disaster Relief

Delta Contracting ensures that the core strengths and existing capacities of the Infrastructure and Urban Development community are mobilized during and after crisis to reduce suffering and save lives.

Community initiatives

Delta Contracting has traditionally been contributing to communities in and around its project sites, with an objective of improving their quality of life. In order to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the community programs, we actively involve communities and initiate programs that have a positive effect on their lives. It is a process based on empowering communities with skills, knowledge and experiences which can help them to choose a programme that best suits their benefit, enabling them to fully participate in a truly democratic way

  • Environment We recognize that the air, soil, and water that sustain a community are also vital components of its future health, safety, and viability. Our sustainable approach and green building practices play an important part in preserving these valuable resources and protecting the environment for the next generation. After all, we live and work here too.
  • Education Delta Contracting has taken the lead in ideating new concepts for investment in technical education and skills enhancement. Every year Delta Contracting take over some engineers for summer training, this as an objective is achieved through training and technical institutions in the country, ensuring they become capable individuals and responsible citizens.