Naturub factory is one of the largest manufacturers of apparel accessories, is headquartered in Panadura Sri Lanka, with different factories around the world, one of those factory is Naturub Accessories Egypt (Pvt)Ltd, where Delta Contracting has the privilege to build it in Ismailia free zone area ,  all factories have high production capacities coupled with state-of-the-art dye houses and well-equipped automated laboratories with physical & washing test facilities.

Currently, these factories have a total floor area of nearly 84,000 sqm. and employ more than 3,500 well trained and highly dedicated people. The company’s current product range encompasses apparel accessories under the major categories namely widely. Manufacture of these products involves advanced technologies and production methods such as soft winding, hard winding and beam warping.

Constructed in two phases consisting of  building an warehouse with 861 m2 , factory fence , and to supply all adequate and competent labour, supervision, tools and, equipment, installed and consumable materials, services, testing devices, and each and every item of expense necessary for design, engineering;  supply; fabrication; field erection; application; hauling; receiving; handling & unloading; field installation; construction; warehousing; lay down areas; assembly; testing; evaluation; quality assurance; fitting of material.


Industrial – Manufacturing / Factory


Ismailia Free Zone – Ismailia – Egypt


Naturub Accessories Egypt (Pvt)Ltd


Naturub Accessories Int’l & Delta Contracting

Project duration

2022- on Going

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